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Our Latest Gift Idea Lists

34 Culinary Gifts For Chefs

Chefs are great people to know, as they love to cook you can just leave them to it. If you know a deserving chef then one of these great gifts will make them happy.

33 Pawfect Gifts For Cats

Cats are loving, playful creatures who are great companions. If you have a cat that is dear to you, buy them a gift that they will surely love.

33 High Octane Gifts For Car Lovers

Many people are passionate about cars, there is something appealing about the curves and power. We have compiled a great list of gifts for car lovers.

32 Caring Gifts For Brothers

Brothers are always there for us in life. If you are lucky enough to have a brother then why not treat them to one of these hand selected gifts.

34 Hot Gifts For Cooks

Some people just love to cook and we love to let them! Keen cooks will be thrilled to receive one of these carefully selected gifts.

35 Roasting Gifts For Coffee Lovers

There is nothing nicer than that morning cup of coffee. If you know a coffee lover then take a look at these great coffee related gifts.

33 Exciting Gifts For Children

Children love to play and it's even better when they can learn new things while doing so. Take a look at these hand selected gifts for children.

35 Special Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time but you can sometimes be stuck for gift ideas. We have compiled this list to give you a few suggestions.

34 Perfect Gifts For Elderly Parents

Watching your parents age and become less able isn't nice. Help them in their day to day tasks with these inventive gifts.

35 Exciting Gifts For Cyclists

Cycling is a great way to travel as it also provides great exercise. If you know a keen cyclist then they will be sure to appreciate one of these brilliant gifts.

34 Wagtastic Gifts For Dog Lovers

Dogs are a mans (and womans) best friend. If you know a dog lover then why not take a look at this list of perfect gifts.

33 Ultimutt Gifts For Dog Walkers

Dog walkers love the open air with the company of their four legged friend. If you know a dog walker then look no further for a great gift.

35 Purrfect Gifts For Cat Lovers

If you know a lover of our four legged feline friends then look no further for a special gift. There is something for all types of cat lover.

34 Thoughtful Gifts For Elderly Men

If you know an older gentleman then he may appreciate one of these thoughtful gifts to make life that little bit easier.

31 Eco Friendly Gifts For Eco Warriors

Eco warriors are on a mission to save the planet. These gifts are all environmentally concious and are sure to be appreciated.

35 Useful Gifts For Elderly Women

The elderly women in our lives usually take care of us, maybe its time we returned the favour. These gifts are sure to please the older lady.

34 Wet and Wild Gifts For Kayakers

Kayaking is a great sport that combines water, nature and fitness. If you know a keen kayaker then why not treat them to one of these gifts?

32 Calming Gifts For People With Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural emotion but with some people it can be overwhelming. If you know an anxiety sufferer they will benefit from one of these gifts.

35 Upside Down Gifts For Stranger Things Fans

Stranger Things is one of the best TV shows of recent years. If you know a fan of Eleven and the gang they will love one of these themed gifts,

34 Great Gifts For Rum Lovers

Rum is traditionally drank by pirates but normal people can enjoy it too. There are plenty of perfect gifts here for the rum lover in your life,

33 Rocking Gifts For Queen Fans

Queen are one of the biggest bands of all time with an army of fans. If you know a Queen fan then they will surely love one of these great gifts.

32 Challenging Gifts for Intellectuals

Intellectuals engage in critical thinking and research. They can be hard to please but are sure to be happy with one of these gifts,

35 Gifts For Jack Daniels Lovers

Jack Daniels is a firm favourite the world over and they have an extensive list of merchandise. These gifts woud be great for a Jack Daniels lover.

35 Perfect Gifts For Teenage Girls

Teenage girls have a wide variety of interests. You should be able to find them a perfect gift by checking out this list we have compiled.

35 Useful Gifts For Diabetics

If you know a diabetic then take a look at this list of hand selected gifts that is sure to please them. There is something for everyone.

35 Satisfying Gifts For Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to unwind, they also give your brain a great workout. Take a look at these hand chosen jigsaw puzzle gifts.

35 Exciting Gifts for Gamers

Gamers come in all ages and odds are that you know someoone who is always glued to a screen. Take a look at these great gaming gifts.

35 Magical Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter has a legion of fans all over the world. Whether you see yourself as a Slytherin or a Gryffindor you will find a great gift here.

35 Imaginative Gifts for Autistic Kids

We have carefully chosen a list of gifts that is sure to please children with autism. There are gifts for children of all ages, take a look within.

34 Shaken Not Stirred Gifts for James Bond Fans

James Bond has a legion of fans the world over. If you know someone who loves the famous British agent, they will be sure to appreciate these gifts.

What is GiftCannon and how can it help me?

Inspired Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Here at, we know the best gifts are the most well thought out ones. Something which has been specifically chosen for the person in mind based on things you know they love such as their hobbies and interests. But finding such a gift can be tough, especially if you don't share the same interests yourself. That's where GiftCannon comes in. Our gift experts have created lists of potential gift ideas based on common interests, occasions and events so you can quickly and easily find the perfect gift. You can also use our site to find gifts within a certain budget who knows you might want to treat yourself too!

inspiration for gifts

Lacking Inspiration? We Can Help!

We know what a challenge choosing the perfect gift can be. We've all spent countless hours in the store trying to find that perfect item that we hope the recipient will simply love. Choosing a present, for any occasion should be a well thought out process. You don't just want to purchase any old gift just to get it off your list, you want something inspired, something that the person you're giving the gift to is going to remember for a lifetime. That's where we can help. We've not only put together gift ideas for common events such as anniversaries or Christmas. We've also put together ideas based on peoples hobbies and things they love to do in general. This way, you can always find the perfect gift at any time of year, for any occasion.

Here are some of the more common events we offer gift ideas for :-

  • Kids Birthdays
  • Adult / Family Birthdays
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • The Holiday Season
  • New Homes
  • Baby Showers
  • Graduation
  • Prom
  • Life Events
  • & more!

Gift Ideas Based on Interest

The best way to choose a gift that is loved and appreciated by the person you're giving it to is to show that you care. It's not about how expensive it is or how big the box is that it comes in, it really is about the thought you put into the gift. Choosing a gift that you know the person will appreciate because it's based on something they like to do or the type of person they are is a sure fire way to make your gift a hit! Here at GiftCannon, we realize this which is why we have set out to create the biggest and best gift idea list on the Internet.

There are just a few of the interests we cater for, but there really are hundreds more!

  • Barbecue Lovers
  • Gamers and Gaming Fans
  • Football Fans
  • People Who Have Everything
  • Film Buffs
  • Your Boss & Work Colleagues
  • Teenagers
  • & more!

Value For Money

We don't just pack our gift idea lists with expensive products like some other sites do. We pride ourselves on only featuring gifts that we consider to be value for money and only feature gift ideas listed at reputable online retailers. So not only are you presented with fantastic gift inspiration, should you choose to buy you know you're getting the gift for the best price out there and from a highly reputable, secure retailer.

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